XXL-banners printing

With high-quality XXL-banners made by print24k.net your message will attract attention from a great distance. Dress a whole building with your outdoor advertisement and make passers-by stop in astonishment. Create individually designed giant banners and configure your printing order comfortably online. Print affordable building facade banners that fit to the flair of your city, the current season or that promotes an upcoming street festival. Or show on a scaffolding banner how the building will look like when it is done.

From a big tarpaulin to a giant poster, get up to 15 XXL-banners printed in a single order from our online print shop. Due to the size of the large banners they are generally shipped in folded state.

Huge or even bigger?XXL banner formats at print24k.net

In order for your advertising messages to be as effective as possible on building facades, size really does play an important role. At print24k.net, we create your banners in formats starting at 4,000 x 10,000 mm. Even these small XXL banners give you an advertising space of up to 40 square metres. The width can then be increased in two-metre increments.

From a width of 12 metres, the length of your facade banner will also be increased, up to the largest banner format of 20 x 20 metres or 20,000 x 20,000 mm. Using this gigantic advertising space of 400 square metres, you will then be able to reach your target audience particularly effectively.

In order to achieve an optimal print result at this scale, please follow the image resolution specifications. These can be found on the data sheet.

Multipurpose and very sturdy tarp material

Do you need an oversized visual cover in the form of a scaffolding tarpaulin or a specially ruggedised facade banner? We suggest XXL-banner printing on opaque 500 gsm PVC-tarpaulin. This high-quality material is very tear and scratch resistant.

The lightsome mesh fabric is especially suited for advertisement messages on scaffoldings, at trade fairs or as an awning. In contrast to the PVC-tarp, the 300 gsm mesh almost feels filigree. Because of its permeability to air, it has a low wind load and can withstand even strong winds without breaking away easily.

The so-called scaffolding tarpaulins, scaffolding banners or facade banners are the superlatives of outdoor advertisement and have to be very resistant against environmental influences. The two vinyl fabrics available for XXL-banner printing, are weather proof, UV-resistant and fireproof (B1 certified). Therefore, they are of low flammability and can be used inside or outside of public buildings.

Hanging and fastening the giant banners – What is a Keder?

There are many possibilities to hang or attach XXL-banners to scaffoldings, house fronts or ceilings. Therefore, we present three different versions of the giant posters. We offer you the 10 cm hemstitching and the reinforced edge with eyelets from our classical tarpaulins. Additionally, for our XXL-banners we add the option of a keder with a diameter of 1 cm for the top and bottom edge.

The plastic keder bead is used to reinforce the edge of the tarp. It is wrapped in the 50 mm keder flange that is joined to the tarp material with high frequency welding. The keder can then be inserted into the keder rail, making it ideal for crease-free fastening.

A practical retention strip is added to the back of the tarpaulin if it is longer than 10 meters. The retention strip is 5 cm wide and gets welded with retention points every 18 cm. This makes it perfect for attaching the middle of the banner to a scaffolding. The retention strips are welded vertically on the seams. Big tarps longer than 12 m receive three retention strips, if they are longer than 20 m even four. Retention strips ensure the proper fixation of the tarps to the scaffolding, even when there is a strong wind. This will relieve the pressure from corner suspension brackets, fastening it securely and is totally safe for passers-by.

Proven printing process for your XXL banners

We print your motifs in CMYK-colour printing. Almost all motifs are possible due to this printing process. In order to obtain an optimal print result in this size, please make sure to observe the information on the required resolution. These can be found in the data sheet.

Are you curious and want to know beforehand how your XXL-banner will look like? Play it safe with a screen proof and review everything before printing. We will store a digital preview of your order in your account and inform you by email.

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