Photo tablet cases printing

Tablets like the iPad are real design products that feel good to the touch and have an elegant look. But in everyday life, we don’t always take such good care of our tablets, so scratches can quickly appear on the back or the display when transporting the iPad or using it.

A practical solution for better protection are tablet cases, also called flip cases or iPad cases. However, these cases are often visually unappealing. At you can have photo tablet cases printed with your motifs, text or slogans. This makes the cases perfect as a personalised photo gift. For companies, individualised tablet cases are ideal for branding or for equipping company iPads. The high quality of the cases is also suitable for resellers.

Photo tablet cases for all popular iPads

Our photo tablet cases are suitable for all popular iPads from the iPad 5 (2017) to the iPad Pro with 12.9 inches. So you can have iPad cases created for iPad 7 and 8 or the slim iPad Air and Air 2 as well as the iPad Air 2019. For company tablets or iPad Pro intended for professional use, we also print cases for the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch versions or the “large” iPad Pro.

This means you can equip your sales force with high-quality iPad cases. Alternatively, we can also print flip cases or flip covers for you. Then the touch screen is also protected by a flap. All photo tablet cases for your iPads are made of high quality imitation leather for a better animal welfare.

Print areas perfectly adapted to the iPad size

When you choose to print photo tablet cases, the print area is based on the corresponding size of the iPad. This allows you to make optimal use of the space for your print motifs. The print area for the iPad 5 as well as for the iPad Air 2019 is 169 x 263 millimetres. The cases for the iPad 7 and 8 offer a print area of 171 x 265 millimetres.

The most space for printing is available with the photo tablet cases for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Here you can have up to 216 x 319 millimetres printed on the cover. We create your iPad cases exclusively in portrait format.

High-quality CMYK printing for flexible motif selection

We print your image motifs on the tablet cases using the CMYK four-colour process. This has the advantage that you are very flexible in your choice of motif. Photos can be printed on the cases in high colour depth and brilliance.

The printing process is also suitable for printing logos, slogans or lettering. On request, we can print up to 100 photo tablet cases in up to 10 versions for you.

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