Personalised sticky notes sets

Sticky notes have become an essential part of everyday life in offices and households. They remind us on a daily bases of important appointments or errands. So it’s no wonder that companies like using them as promotional gifts. Get sticky-note sets printed for your customers or business partners. The sets contain notepads and sticky notes in several different formats. Start configuring your personalised printed sticky-note sets now. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a small batch of 50 or 5,000 items. will ensure your order is completed in top quality from the first to the last set. You will not only benefit from our service, but also from attractive online prices!

With a sticky-note set, your customers or staff will always have the right notepaper handy. In its practical hard cover, the set hardly takes up any space on the desk. The individually printed sets can also be used instantly in kitchens, workshops or clinics.

Sticky notes set in the popular DIN format

The sticky notes set in DIN A7 contains two sticky notepads and a film marker set. The sticky notes come in two different formats (100 x 72 mm and 50 x 72 mm), each with 50 white notepaper sheets. The film marker set features 5 x 20 sheets in 12 x 45-mm format, made from transparent, coloured film.

High-quality paper for your sticky notes

The set is printed in portrait style. We use hardcover paper for the set covers. The sticky notepads are made from 70 gsm paper, which is distinguished by a high degree of whiteness and even surface. The sticky notes should similarly not be stuck on food, as the glued surface contains solvents not suitable for consumption.

High-quality printing for the cover

The printing of your sticky-note sets also includes the cover, which provides adequate space for your motifs, text or logos. We use the tried-and-tested 4/0 CMYK printing process for this. Your sticky notepads and regular notepads are delivered in white as a standard, but can also be printed with CMYK inks upon request.

Got questions about this configuration or want to know more about the sticky-note sets? Then call our service team or email us.

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