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We print stickers and labels for you in many different formats and designs. Depending on the product selection, free forms and special formats are also possible. You can perfectly configure your labels as address labels or bottle labels. Thanks to a wide range of variants, the stickers can also be used as price tags for packaging and products. Traditional stickers are simply ideal for emblems or badges. With your slogan or a smart phrase, stickers are of course also suitable as advertising material.


In addition, labels and stickers can be used to seal product packages or to mark and label them. Benefit from the variety of formats and print24k.net will print labels and stickers that perfectly match your requirements!


Design stickers and labels in various formats and free forms

Various different standard formats are available for printing your stickers. The smallest, selectable format is stickers in 50 x 20 mm format with rounded corners. With DIN A3 stickers (297 x 420 millimetres) you have the maximum size available. In between, all common DIN formats from A8 to A4 are possible. We can also print DIN-long stickers for you.


An elegant variant are stickers with rounded corners. Round stickers with a diameter of 40 or 80 millimetres as well as oval stickers are ideal for creating stickers or badges. Of course, special formats are also possible.


You can print labels at print24k.net in round, square, oval, rectangular as well as in special formats and free forms. 20 x 20 millimetre labels are very popular. For example, they are perfect as price labels, while 60 x 80 millimetres are ideal for address labels. A total of ten different standard formats from 20 x 20 to 280 x 500 millimetres are available.


When choosing the format, remember to trim three millimeters for labels and two millimeters for stickers in the print file. For round and oval stickers, it is best to plan for a 2.5 millimeter bleed.


Our sticker variants


Die-cut stickers

If you choose die-cut stickers, you will receive your stickers as individual stickers that are cut rectangularly (except freeform) and sorted in a stack.

Die-cut stickers are particularly suitable for distributing or passing on stickers individually, for example as an addition to a purchase, as a merchandise item, or similar.


Labels on rolls

If you choose labels on rolls, your stickers/labels will be applied on a rolled carrier material. Thanks to the roll, the sticker or label is immediately ready for removal. Mostly, this variant is preferred for business use.


Labels on rolls are particularly suitable for operational use, for example in the area of packaging/shipping.


Sticker on sheet

If you choose stickers on sheets, your stickers/labels will be applied on an A4 or A3 sheet. The number per sheet varies with the size of the sticker.

Sheets of stickers are particularly suitable for distribution on a larger scale.


High-quality materials for your sticker and label printing

We create your stickers from high-quality adhesive paper if you want to use the stickers indoors. For use on exterior surfaces, for example on vehicles, stickers made of adhesive film are recommended.


Seven paper variants are available for labels. The white, felt-marked uncoated paper offers an additional haptic effect thanks to its special surface and is often used for bottle labels.


With adhesive film you are opting for a very robust solution.


The film is permanently adhesive and is available in both white and transparent. Transparent labels are ideal if the products are to be stuck to white surfaces later on, for example, and only the text and logo should be visible.


Labels made of adhesive paper are suitable for interior use. These are available in white. For example, if you want your labels to mark dangerous goods or attract general attention, you can use yellow or red neon adhesive paper for printing.


Modern printing processes and quality inks

We print your stickers, depending on your choice, in 1-colour black or with the CMYK four-colour process. CMYK can also be used to print photos or other graphics as stickers. With the help of the digital printing plate exposure (Hightech-CTP) we can achieve excellent printing results in the offset procedure.


We also print your labels in 1-colour black or CMYK. As a standard, the surface is finished with UV-protective varnish after printing. In this way we increase the scratch resistance of the labels and your motifs are optimally protected from scratches.


Die-cutting and trimming of individual label shapes

Depending on the chosen format, we die-cut your stickers after printing or we cut them to size. The stickers are delivered either as single stickers or in sheets.

We print your labels on a roll. You have the choice of whether the products are printed with the narrow or wide side in advance. The labels are rolled in such a way that the printed image points outwards.

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