Printed mobile phone cases

Protect your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with an individually printed cell phone cover. Or strengthen your corporate identity with uniform mobile phone cases for your company smartphones.

Perhaps you are also a reseller and want to sell your self-designed smartphone cases. If you already have a print template at hand, you can now have individual printed mobile phone cases with your motifs at The cases can be configured for the iPhone from version 6 to iPhone 12 as well as the Samsung Galaxy from the S7 and A50 to the Samsung Galaxy S21 and are available in two versions with or without a bumper. Start making your selection right here.

Design and print your own iPhone cases or smartphone cases for Samsung Galaxy

Depending on the type of smartphone you want to equip with which case design, you have a different size of printing area available for the print. The mobile phone covers enclose the smartphone and cover the entire back. The openings for the cameras are left out. Therefore, your motifs, slogans or images can be printed on the entire area corresponding to the back of your smartphone.

For the iPhone 6, for example, this results in a print area of 92 x 147 or 100 x 161 millimetres, for the iPhone 12 in a print area of 102 x 171 or 105 x 173 millimetres. If you print the cover for your Samsung Galaxy A50, you have 105 x 181 millimetres at your disposal, for the Galaxy S21 cover it is 100 or 102 x 176 millimetres. The exact size of the print area is displayed when you select the respective smartphone in the configurator.

Soft case or robust hard case for perfect protection

We offer mobile phone cases for printing in two different designs. The hard case is made of hard, white plastic and protects the back of the phone from bumps and scratches. The soft case made of silicone provides a pleasant feel and also reliably protects a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone from scratches on the back. Both versions offer an absolutely scratch-proof imprint. This means your motifs remain visible even when the smartphones are subjected to heavy use.

The soft cases can optionally be selected with a bumper. This will add a soft protection to the edge. When selecting, please note that the soft cases are not available for the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A51.

Brilliant photo print makes your motifs shine on the mobile phone case

We bring your motifs onto the smartphone cases in brilliant photo printing. You are very free in your choice of motif and can, for example, have photos of your children, family members, pictures from your holiday, your company or other self-made pictures printed.

Of course, slogans, your company colours and other content can also be realised on the mobile phone cover. The print is done as an “all-round print”, so the edges are also printed. This creates a very appealing visual effect and makes the cover look even more valuable.

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