Printed rigid banners

Do you need advertisement displays for your next fair-trade appearance, for your entrance hall or the waiting room? Elegant rigid banners with stand respectively rigid panel holders are especially suited for advertisement in indoor and outdoor areas. At the online-printers of print24k, you can choose between different panel materials, with various sizes, density, haptic and physical appearance. The printed panel is then fixated with one or optionally with several aluminium panel holders.

The rigid panels are printed with high-quality colours in the 4-colour printing process. We are able to print your hard foam and alu-dibond-signs on both sides. The acrylic sheets can only be printed on one side. The image is printed on the back and then overprinted with white colour. The image can then be viewed through the glass. Our experts use UV-resistant printing colours for the production of your rigid banners. Depending on the kind of used panel material, the rigid banners are weatherproofed and suitable for outdoors.

Rigid panel holders made from aluminium and available in 3 different sizes

The rigid banners are mainly made from two components: the printed panel and the panel base. The assembly of the signs is very quick and easy. The underside of the aluminum base is coated with an anti-slip silicone. The practical holder is able to fixate panel with a thickness between 3 to 26 mm. The base can be adjusted in two settings: 3 to 18 mm and 18 to 26 mm. Just wedge the panel in the middle of the holder and adjust the thickness with the hand knob at the bottom of the base. Afterwards fixate the system with the included safety clamp.

The silver-coloured panel base is available in three different sizes: 100 mm, 300 mm and 500 mm. The 300 or 500 mm wide panel holder is suitable to fixate narrow signs. For rigid banners wider than 500 mm we suggest using two panel holders for fixation.

High-quality materials for rigid banners

The display of the rigid banners can be printed on three different waterproof materials. 

Alu-dibond and acrylic are especially suitable for the use outdoors while hard foam is characterised by its flexibility and lightweight.

Hard foam

The PVC-hard foam panel is lightweight and mainly suitable for indoor advertisement. We offer this foamed material in thicknesses of 5 and 10 mm. The thinner the hard foam panel the more flexible it is. For narrow and tall rigid banners we suggest using the 10 mm hard foam panel or one of the other materials.


Panels made from alu-dibond are very robust and dimensional stable. Alu is the short version of aluminum and dibond is a brand of a composite material. print24k offers alu-dibond panels in thickness of 3 mm and a density of 3500 gsm. They are made from three layers, two outside layers of 0.3 mm aluminum and polyethylene in between that is thermally amalgamated to the outside layers.

XT clear perspex

This material is even thicker than alu-dibond and somewhat more expensive. With a density of 6000 gsm and a thickness of 5 mm, the impact-resistant, weatherproof clear acrylic glass not only features a solid surface but is also highly attractive. The UV print goes behind the perspex. Special priming allows the perspex to be used outdoors. This involves applying a special varnish, the so-called primer, on the glass before the actual print, enabling the printing ink to stick better.

UV direct printing

For the printing of your signs we use UV direct printing and for this purpose we use printing inks of the highest quality. The signs can be printed on the front as well as on the back.

In the UV direct printing process, the ink is cured by ultraviolet light and forms a solid ink layer.

The dried ink then has a slightly satin finish and is reminiscent of laminated material. This gives the ink greater strength and better protection against yellowing. UV direct printing does not require any thinners or solvents and is therefore a more environmentally friendly printing technique.

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