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Probably just about everyone has their front door or car keys attached to a key ring. At print24k.net, you can take advantage of the popularity and prevalence of these products by having keyrings custom-printed with your advertising message. When doing so, you can avail yourself of the different printing options and styles we offer. The minimum order size is just one piece.

Do you have your house key to hand? It’s sure to be attached, along with several other keys, to a practical key fob, so all your important keys are always within reach and can be quickly found in handbags or jacket pockets. The high-quality key rings from print24k.net can be personalised with just a few clicks or transformed into a popular brand ambassador. Create your print job easily right here online!

Up to two printing areas with even more space for your messages

To print your logos, slogan or company address, you can use the chip holders area of 26 x 28 mm (full tone) and 29 x 35 mm (white chip holder + CMYK). On the carabiner with chip with a print area of ø 14 mm (solid colour) or ø 23 mm (white chip + CMYK) diameters, you can create your own motifs, slogans, themes or your corporate design.

The 1.4 centimetres offer enough space for your company or an Internet address, while the 2.3 centimetres surface can be printed with photos and images using the digital printing process. Both sides can be printed. When creating the print file, please note the specifications in our data sheet. In this way you avoid unnecessary complications during printing.

Two high-quality versions to choose from

At print24k.net you can choose between two options for printing shopping trolley chips. You can order a high-quality chip holder with chip and key ring, or you can choose a chip that is attached to a carabiner hook. The chip holders and chips are available in red, blue and white. The advantage of the plastic holder is that you can use a large advertising space for printing and the product is cheaper.

he carabiner hook, on the other hand, is of even higher quality and even easier to handle as a key ring. The robust carabiner hook is made of metal and promises a high durability. The inserted chips are available in blue, red and white and can be printed with your message on both sides.

Five different printing options, on one or both sides

There are a great many printing options for the key fob with snap hook. Both sides of the token can be printed in black, white or spot colours. For the printing of graphics or photos, CMYK four-colour printing is recommended. It is only available on the white plastic of both versions.

Do you still have questions about creating your printing data or selecting suitable motifs? Then please feel free to contact us. Our service team is available to you on the phone during business hours.

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