Custom door hangers printing

Door hangers are very versatile, and can be used in hotels, as mirror tags in cars, or as paper tags for advertising campaigns. All you need are suitable motifs or texts. We’ll then reliably take care of printing your products. It doesn’t matter if it is for a small business or large marketing campaign, can print between 25 and 50,000 door hangers at a time. Not only will you enjoy low prices; you’ll also benefit from a wide range of refinement and printing options and premium quality! We’ll be glad to advise you on all orders by telephone. Simply use our service hotline.


Door hangers printed with “Please do not disturb” have played a key supporting role in many films, and have perhaps even been used by you too. They can be found at virtually every type of accommodation property, from basic to 5-star. If you also run a hotel or a guesthouse, you can configure your own door hangers here with and order them online. Using modern printers, we can print several thousand door hangers for you without a problem. Get started with your order here!


Advertising campaigns with door hangers

When was the last time you took the subway or train? Were you also inspired by a discreetly eye-catching advertising campaign using door hangers affixed to luggage racks or handrails? Did you also benefit from a coupon or voucher distributed thanks to these hangers? Perhaps you too want to enjoy the great advertising potential these hangers offer your business. Then get started with your print order at With low printing costs, we ensure you can achieve extensive reach with large quantities. If you have any questions, you can contact our service team by telephone or email!


Mirror tags for rental cars or car dealers

If you manage a larger fleet for leasing or for your business, mirror tags can help with organisation. For example, you can place them in a car to show that it has been cleaned and is ready for use. Or you can use them to denote all vehicles in a particular group. If you sell used cars, you can have pre-made door hangers printed in order to enter important car specifications, such as output or extras, as well as price, later on. Thanks to our wide range of refinement options, you can create mirror tags perfectly matching the relevant car category, e.g. a luxury limousine’s should be different from that of a small car.


More than just paper – make your selection

With you can print your door hangers either on one or both sides. You can choose from different types of paper, from simple to robust.


Coated art paper is a cost-effective option. It is available in grammages from 170 – 400 gsm. The 350 gsm premium cardboard is ideally suited for repeated usage.


The offset papers in 350 gsm and 400 gsm are characterised by best printing results and even more stability. For our environmentally conscious customers we recommend the 300 gsm recycling white. The recycled paper has the blue angel certificate. The 300 gsm chromo board impresses with its maximum stability and the uncoated reverse side can be written on.


Even more room for creativity: Refinement

There are many different finishing options to choose from. Thus your door hangers stand out clearly from current standards and become something very special.

Depending on the type of paper you choose, you can choose between cellophane wrapping, embossing and varnish.


Lamination/special foils

In cellophane wrapping, a wafer-thin film is applied to the printed product. Your products are not only coated, but are also more resistant and therefore more durable. Depending on your wishes, this film can achieve a glossy or matt effect. In addition, there is the possibility to choose a special matt film with a velvety or linen-like surface.


Blind embossing

In blind or relief embossing, individual motifs, logos, ornaments or lettering are highlighted three-dimensionally. The product is deformed at the relevant points, i.e. embossed in height or depth, giving it an additional haptic effect.


Hot foil flat embossing

With this type of finishing, a transfer foil is applied to the previously defined surfaces by heat and pressure. Depending on the foil used, different effects are achieved, such as high-gloss metal foils in gold, silver or bronze/copper.


Hot foil relief embossing

Hot foil relief embossing is a combination of blind-/relief embossing and hot foil embossing: Using heat and pressure, a transfer foil is applied to the surfaces to be finished and the corresponding areas are also embossed in height. This creates unique light reflections and amazing haptic effects.


UV varnish

The UV surface varnish is an additional layer that provides glossy and perspective effects. UV varnish can be applied over the entire surface or partially (UV spot varnish). The coating not only produces outstanding high-gloss effects, the product is also resistant and thus protected from scratches.


UV spot varnish

The UV spot varnish provides glossy and perspective effects, but the varnish is applied only partially, i.e. on individual motifs, logos or lettering. The printed product thus becomes an individual and exquisite piece of decoration.


Print door hangers with special colours

Do you use a special colour for your corporate design? Or simply want to make your door hangers stand out from the crowd? Or perhaps you just want an extremely low-cost solution in black and white? Then take advantage of’s full range of modern printing technology.


Black + Pantone

Black + Gold

Black + Silver


Whether it be simple in black, or high-quality using Pantone special inks, it’s no problem for our printers. We can also create gold or silver colours using a standard CMYK four-colour printing process. You can choose to print one or both sides of your door hangers. The following combinations are offered:


CMYK + Pantone

CMYK + Gold

CMYK + Silver

Need Design Solution For your Brand.

Print 24K