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At you can print calendars as wall calendars, year planners or monthly calendars according to your own taste. When designing the calendar sheets, there is plenty of room for your creative ideas or photo templates, so that a simple calendar can become a real work of art. In addition to birthday calendars for the private useage, our calendars are of course also suitable for promotional gifts to customers and business partners. Especially the wall planners and wall calendars should not be missing in any office!

Your personally designed photo calendars can be printed by us from just one piece onward. For larger orders from companies, our print shop offers sufficient capacity for orders of up to 250 desk calendars and up to 5,000 wall planners!

Our calendar variants


Wall calendar

With this classic among calendars, you can choose between spiral binding wires in various colours and an optional backing board in different materials. There are numerous standard formats to choose from, but if required you can also define your own special format for your wall calendar.

Annual planner

In the private sphere as well as in the office, the annual planner provides an overview of the whole year. The larger the format, the easier it is to read. If required, use our design templates for various graphics programmes, which we provide for them for the coming calendar season.

Desk calendar

The desk calendar is based on a sturdy cardboard display and is produced with a spiral binding in various colours. The product is always in view of your customers and therefore the perfect promotional gift, not only at the turn of the year.

Monthly calendar

With monthly calendars you always have several months in view at once. Either 3 or 4 perforated calendars are applied to the printable backing. The single-sheet variant is somewhat more compact, while the multi-sheet variant offers additional printing areas thanks to the spaces in between.

In which formats can I print calendars?

Here you can first select the desired calendar format for printing. With 14 different formats, our wall calendars offer the most choices. You can configure these practical calendars in the handy DIN A6 format (105 x 148 millimeters) or, for example, as large-format, square photo calendars with the dimensions of 420 x 420 millimeters. In addition, we can also print wall calendars in other DIN sizes, such as A4 (210 x 297 millimeters) or in the format DIN-Lang (105 x 210 millimeters), which is perfect for mailing. We are happy to realise wall calendars in special format for you.

The practical wall planners display a clear overview of the entire year and can be designed in sizes from A3 (297 x 420 millimeters) to DIN A0 (841 x 1,189 millimeters). Special formats are also possible here, which you enter directly in the configurator. For wall planners and wall calendars, the print area is the same as the calendar format.

Our monthly calendars are configurable in different designs as single-leaf calendars of three or four months each, or as multi-block calendars of three or four months, and as desktop calendars. The size of the single-sheet calendar ranges from 300 x 490 to 300 x 600 millimeters, depending on the model. The printing area ranges up to 300 x 150. The multi-block calendars are larger and, depending on the design, measure between 330 x 700 and 330 x 900 millimeters.

For these calendars, the print area is the same format. The desk calendars can be printed in the sizes 105 x 297 and 148 x 180 millimeters in portrait or landscape format. Depending on your choice, our wall calendars contain between 13 and 15 sheets of design, and our table calendars have 13 sheets.

High quality papers for your individual calendar

For printing your wall calendars, desk calendars and year planners, we use high-quality, double-coated premium art paper as standard for high colour depth and brilliance. You can choose between the strengths 135, 170 and 250 gsm and the variant matt or glossy. For particularly elegant and exclusive wall or desk calendars, it is also possible to use ribbed or linen premium paper.

Furthermore, you can choose between 170 gsm offset and 170 gsm recycled paper. We create monthly calendars from one sided glossy and coated board. This gives them the necessary stability

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